Meeting Customer Demand for Superior-Quality Spindles

"TDM USA, Inc. is a company founded to meet customer demand for superior quality products:"

Ed Hendrick, Vasile Bilc, and Dan Graham founded this company in 2002. The three worked together in the spindle industry for several years prior to deciding to collaborate on a joint venture. Shortly after starting the business, Ed Hendrik passed away. Even though he is gone, he will never be forgotten. Ed will always be a part of the TDM USA team. In an effort to keep our company competitive in this global economy, the company has changed its name to

The Swiss-based TDM USA

Has been involved with our company from the day we opened our doors. Factory training on their spindles has been an ongoing principle for us, to provide the utmost quality service here in the U.S. Both organizations have decided to take this opportunity to give our company international recognition and TDM USA a stronger presence in the USA.

Spindle Accessories From TDM USA


Has various accessories fit to accommodate numerous spindles used by our customers. From any type of bearing to chillers, lubrication units, and drives. All from top manufacturers such as Turmoil, Spindel, SNFA, SKF, GMN, NSK, TIMKEN, etc... Our spindle drive, lubrication, and coolant units can be bought in one compact mobile unit or by individual units. If you are in need of spindle accessories, please contact our staff listed on the contact us page and we will be glad to assist you.